Cable Trays

Dimension Engineers is engaged in Supplying a superior quality range of Perforated Type Cable Trays, Ladder Type Cable Trays, Pre Galvanized Cable Tray,Galvanized Cable Tray, Mild Steel Cable Tray, Electrical Cable Tray,MS Cable Tray, Cable Tray Accessories, Cable Tray Cover, Cable Ducts/ Raceways, Coupler Plates With Hardware, Floor Junction Box, Earthing plates and GI Earthing Strips.

Dimension Engineers is also engaged in the supply of FRP Cable Trays and GRP Cable Trays .  FRP (Fibre Re enforced Platic)  & GRP (Glass Re enforced Plastic).

FRP & GRP cable trays and accessories for industries like chemical and petrochemical industries, refineries, oil and gas industries, ports power plants and much more.  It is widely acknowledged by leading consultants, contractors and multinational companies.

Both tray types are available in multiple resin systems, and offered as a complete system including fittings, supports, and accessories.

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